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Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning Services

Do you think that it is time to find a commercial cleaning in Melbourne that actually delivers on your needs and requirements, rather than just merely cleaning what they see fit? Looking to find a company of this high standard is not a problem now with Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning being available to help all offices and businesses throughout Melbourne. With our keen eye for detail and our ability to listen to our clients, we are able to create a tailored commercial and office cleaning schedule that actually delivers on their cleaning requirements, their requests and their designated industry.

More Than Just Office Cleaning.

What makes us truly stand out from the pack is that we understand that every business is different. We understand that every industry is different. And we understand that everyone needs their own cleaning schedule. That is why we offer more than just office cleaning in Melbourne. Yes, we can provide a premium office cleaning service, but we can also provide you with the educational sector, retail, hospitality, medical, sports and leisure cleaning service you need. When we meet up, we sit down with you and listen to what you want. This way, you will nothing to stress over. We will take all the pressure off your shoulders and manage it for you. That is why when people want Melbourne’s premier commercial office cleaning professionals, they come to Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning.

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There is no need to waste your, or your employees’, time when it comes to cleaning. There is no need to waste your productivity either. With fully trained and committed cleaners, Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning will schedule a cleaning plan around your office needs and requirements, so you have more time focused on your business.

Schools have already enough pressure placed on them. Safety of children, maintenance, parents and education is enough to drive anyone crazy. You don’t have to worry when it comes to cleaning though. Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning has the smarter approach, the fully trained cleaners and the friendly nature to deliver on the front-line.

Do not take chances of the health of your patients and doctors. Keep your medical and healthcare centre cleaned, disinfected and maintained with us. We will manage all your cleaning items and areas with delicate hands, ensuring that your medical centre remains in premium condition.

There is nothing more distracting for your customers than having to enter an unkept and unclean store. That is pressure that you don’t have to deal with, thanks to our tailored scheduled cleaning approach. We build our services around your needs so you can get the professional cleaning service your retail store deserves.

Maintaining a polished and sparkling image is essential when it comes the hospitality industry. After all the pressure of delivering a premium service to customers, you don’t want the burden of cleaning. Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning can help you with our professionally tailored cleaning service; taking the pressure of you and onto us.

When it comes to sports and leisure, you’ll find your centre and area will be infected with sweat, dirt and bacteria. Cleaning it in a professional manner will take the right approach; one which Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning can deliver. Professionalism, education and respect is our approach and you can experience it firsthand by reaching out to us.



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Site Evaluation

We are there for all our Melbourne clients when they need us the most. You can be part of that ever growing list too. Reach out to us for your free site evaluation so you can begin getting the cleaning service your business deserves.


Cups of Coffee

Discussing your customised cleaning schedule over a cup of coffee is the best way to start any success relationship. Experience our honest and friendly customer service by reaching out to us.


Training Hours

We have always been committed to constantly educating ourselves with the latest techniques and smarter methods. We put our trainees through an intense, in-depth and fully qualified 30-day training programme to ensure that they will deliver the perfect cleaning results for your business.


Satisfied Clients

Delivering the needs and desires of our clients is our aim. We want you to be able to enjoy in the stress-free and easy going nature of our cleaning service. Expect nothing but a committed and dedicated team for your business.


Wondering why businesses and industries throughout Melbourne trust us?

ok-iconCustomised Cleaning Services

We don’t just turn up at your workplace and clean it the way we see fit. That is not how we work here. Our focus has always been to provide you with the customised and tailored cleaning schedule that your business deserves. There is no need to be confused about what we do or how. When we meet up, we will focus on your requirements and requests, before creating a plan that reflects it. We will talk through it all. Now, you don’t have to worry as we ensure that your business is left in a stunning condition.

ok-iconTrained Cleaners

We here at Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning have always strived to deliver the highest quality cleaning service throughout Melbourne. For us to continue to deliver and improve our high standards, we train and educate all our cleaners. Through a 30-day training program, we teach them all our modules, methods, improve their skills, and provide them with a platform to perform in a positive and honest manner. This way, when it comes to cleaning your business, you can expect nothing but the finest work.


Hiring Yellow Bucket Commercial Cleaning means that you will not have to worry about any insurance mishaps or problems. As a company that is fully backed by Public Liability Insurance, we can take any job and be covered for it. Even when it comes to insurance problems, we take the stress out of your hands and into ours.


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